Essay: Life in the next century is going to be much easier

Jedná se o pěti odstavcovou esej na téma „Život bude v nadcházejícím století mnohem jednodušší.“ V prvním odstavci obecně popisuji jak se život změnil dosud. V druhém jak nám technika usnadňuje život. V třetím zmíním, že má také své nevýhody. Čtvrtý je můj vlastní názor na věc a pátý je shrnutí.

The live changed significantly in the last century. Everything was more difficult before. My grandmother told me a lot about it. I can’t imagine it now. I think it’s impossible to work all day as hard as my grandmother did. But the question is if it’s good or not.

Examples how technologies make our lives easier can be seen everywhere. First of all imagine heating in your house or flat. Most people just turn the tap and after a few minutes the room is warm. This was impossible a few years ago. You had to get solid fuel, put it into the cellar and feed the furnace regularly. Also cellular phone is indispensable for people today. But the best examples are computers and the Internet. A man would have needed his whole life to calculate what a common computer does in a second.

The basic problem is that these technologies are inaccessible for too many people. Technologies do the work that people did before. That makes our nation fat indirectly. The technologies could destroy us in the future. A lot was written about this topic. For example a popular book called War of the Worlds written by Herbert George Wells which was made into a film directed by Steven Spielberg.

Personally, I am not afraid of future. Technologies are very useful for all of us. I love them because they simplify my work and thus I can spend more time with my girlfriend for example. In the past I had to borrow an exercise book and re-write it manually. Now I use a copier and have the same job done in a few seconds. But on the other hand rewriting is one of the ways to learn the subject matter.

Technologies are getting better day by day. I suppose that the progress will become faster and faster in the future. But the question stands. Will we be a part of this modern future?


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